But This Phones Oxygenos Interface, Which Sits Over Android Marshmallow, Is Actually Pretty Clean, With Some Unique Touches That Are Rather Useful.

And you definitely dont want that. A better way is to just approach your best customers initially and ask for a review. The chances are you know them well and theyre usually happy to oblige one of their favorite suppliers. Then once youve got a few you just need to stay ahead of the pack by getting into the habit of asking for reviews. Whens the best time to ask? When youve got a happy smiling customer in front of you. Related: How Online Customer Reviews Help SEO and Drive Sales Growth 4. Double down on content. As shown above, the number of pages was a significant difference between Best in Class and the Industry Average with 104 pages vs. 48 respectively.

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SUBSCRIBE Is selling SEO services getting harder or are SEOs just not good at it? Citing recent survey data from BrightLocal, columnist Myles Anderson shares new business acquisition tips for local search marketers. Myles Anderson on June 27, 2016 at 10:35 am More Is selling SEO services getting harder, or are SEOs just not that good at it? I ask this question this because Ive recently had a number of conversations with SEOsfreelance andat agencies and almost all complained about difficulties in pitching andconverting SMBs. Its well-documented that business owners get bombarded with calls andemails from SEOs trying to convince them that they need their services andthat theycan deliver the moon-on-a-stick. From our 2014 SMB internet marketing survey, we found that 35 percent of SMBs are contacted every day by an SEO selling their services , and another 22 percent are contacted every week. This means that over 50 percent of SMBs are pitched to by SEOs every week. Now multiply that over four years (50 percent x 52 weeks x 4 years), and its reasonable to assume that every business owner has been pitched SEO services over 100 times! Given that figure,its not surprising that its hard for SEOs to get SMBs to listen to them, let alone sign up and pay for their services. SEOs need clients, however; so they need to pitch andsell their services.

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Sensible interface. One of the things thats simultaneously good and bad about Android smartphones is that Google gives manufacturers lots of opportunities to make their own decisions with graphics and even capabilities. Sometimes that produces frustrating gimmicks. But this phones OxygenOS interface, which sits over Android Marshmallow, is actually pretty clean, with some unique touches that are rather useful. These include a customizable page called Shelf that lets you add things like your favorite widgets, reminders, apps, important contacts, and frequently changed controls. Think of it as your spare home screen. One small nuisance is that the symbols for both the Back and Recent are dots; the only way to knowing which one to push is to rely on your memory. Decent display. The OnePlus 3s HD AMOLED display, which we are now evaluating, seemed okay. Its 1080P resolution promises more than 400 pixels per inch of resolution.

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